Tuesday, 21 May 2013

Downsizing My Life

I am incredibly honest about how I feel, and this blog is no different. This past year has been so hectic. If I thought the previous year was busy with working full time, and saving and planning for the wedding, I had in no way prepared myself for our first year of marriage. 
What surprised me most this year, is the amount of time David and I actually spend together. Whilst planning the wedding and working hard to pay for it ourselves, David was working nights and we were like 'two passing ships', or whatever the phrase is! This year after getting married we have had the time build a much more solid and committed relationship, despite a lot of crazy work patterns, tiredness and drama. If I have learnt one thing this year, is that communication is the most important thing in the world. 

I now feel I have the enthusiasm and the motivation to blog again, for a long time I just didn't want to. And that was the problem. I have found the most liberating thing I have been going lately is 'downsizing my life'. Too often life can just be full of too much 'stuff'. Decluttering the flat is one of the most productive things I have done recently, which led me to ask some questions about my life. 

Do I really need all these apps?
Do I really need to be part of this many social networking sites? 
Are some of those beauty products out of date? Are you ever going to use that? 
How many of your Facebook friends are actually your friends? 

All of these questions have made me stop and think, maybe I just need to simplify myself, and hit the refresh button in many areas of my life. 

For me, it is now time to be focused on three things; My Marriage, My Job & My Relationships with others. I am very blessed to have a fantastic job as Assistant Manager of the pub, and well looked after by great employers. Getting out of debt is key to liberating myself and preparing for our future. I am very lucky that I have a very small, very close circle of friends. Three amazing girlfriends, my family, and of course my husband. I love having loyal people in my life. 

How are you going to downsize your life? 

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