Monday, 11 November 2013

Five Bad Beauty Habits

I love seeing these types of posts on blogs, because I'm nosy basically. So I thought I would throw in my own one for your entertainment ;)

1. Touching my face. If you know me, you'll know this is my absolute worst habit. Ever. I can't help touching my face, I don't know why, and this is definitely the hardest habit for me to try and stop. I end up with foundation everywhere. On my jeans, pieces of paper, my iPhone, laptops, pens, mugs, glasses. You name it, it's there. I need to think of a way to make my face untouchable. Any ideas? Good luck Jessica. 

2. Not washing off fake tan. I think the problem with this habit for me is that David and I don't have a shower in our flat. Which means putting on fake tan overnight would need to result in having a bath in the morning and swimming around in green water. Nice. So instead, I just get dressed and just wash it off whenever I have to actually go somewhere important. And I end up smelling like corn flakes all day. I'm not making myself sound great here... Solution to this habit? Don't put on fake tan and just wear more layers in the winter!

3. Neglecting my feet. Especially in the winter I find the idea of painting my toenails totally pointless. Nobody is going to see them and the whole thing is just a chore. Maybe I should take better care of my feet, especially as I walk around all day in my job, and I'll have less feet problems later on in life. 

4. Not conditioning my hair enough. My hairdresser has given me strong words about this many a time, I'm rubbish at it. Again I think it's the whole bath situation, after having shampooed my hair in the bath, the last thing I feel like doing is rinsing out conditioner in the same water. I am getting better at it though, motivating myself to rinse my hair with fresh water and just having to sit there that little bit longer. 

5. Not washing my brushes often enough. I try so much to do this often, and I love the satisfaction if having clean brushes afterwards, but the fact is I'm just lazy most of the time. And then I complain about oily skin and spots. Perhaps reminding myself of these will help me to do it more regularly? 

Maybe I'll follow this up with a good beauty habits post, as there are things I'm actually good at doing as well!

What are your bad beauty habits? 

Jessica xo

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