Wednesday, 20 November 2013

My Signature Scent: Hugo Boss Deep Red

Hugo Boss Deep Red: £28.50 (30ml) £48.50 (90ml)

Hugo Boss Deep Red is my thing, I always think I'm going to like other perfumes, and I love seeing the advertisements for new scents, but I always end up spritzing this on. It's a good job I never actually purchase these other perfumes as it would be such a waste of money!

I've probably worn this scent religiously for about 6 years. When I say religiously I mean this is the only one I use, not that I wear this at every waking moment of the day, every day. It reminds me of my first date with my husband, of nights out, and generally of good times, which is the main reason that I love it so much. I still get nostalgic every time I spray it on.

Heart Notes: Ginger Leaves, Freesia and Hibiscus
Top Notes: Blackcurrant, Pear, Tangerine and Blood Orange
Base Notes: Sandalwood, Californian Cedar, Vanilla and Musk

I find this much more appropriate for the evening, so I'm still on the hunt for my perfect daytime scent.

What's your signature scent?

Jessica xo

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