Sunday, 10 November 2013

Sunday Verbs

Another week down, where does the week disappear to?

Loving: the prospect of two days off tomorrow! Getting things done around the flat, pampering, washing brushes, shopping, and celebrating my gorgeous husband's birthday Tuesday. 

Hating: that moment when all your make up runs out at the same time. I can feel an expensive Boots trip coming up!

Listening to: The Vamp - Can We Dance on repeat! I love this song, so feel good!

Reading: less magazines! I'm desperately trying to wean myself off buying magazines for the sake of it! Only Cosmopolitan from now on! 

Watching: Kardashians, Peter Andre, Towie. Working long hours and watching serious tv is just never going to happen. 

Eating: Calamari, roasties and homemade Nutella cheesecake. Working Sundays always makes me eat weird things! The hangover cravings didn't help either!

Praying for: those who lost their lives fighting for their country, and their families. And those in the Phillipines whose lives have been devastated by the storm. It's easy to lose perspective in life, these days show me how blessed I am. 

Happy Sunday boys and girls!

Jessica xo

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