Wednesday, 20 November 2013

Verbs #2

Loving: my man, my family, my girls, my job. Corny but true.

Hating: the cold! Why is it Winter already? I love Christmas but I hate the weather so much! Maybe I should emigrate to Australia...

Listening to: (embarrassingly) Peter Andre... I think I've said enough. 
Reading: my new One Pot cooking book, excited to get my slow cooker and start trying out some new meals. 

Watching: Great British Bake Off! I'm obsessed, I need to catch up on all the series! 

Eating: pasta like it's going out of fashion! It just seems such an easy meal to eat at the moment, but in reality it's not great to eat every day! Looking forward to having a couple of days off to cook for my man and eat properly again! 

Anticipating: CHRISTMAS! I know, it's crazy soon, but the amount of Christmas planning we're doing at the pub at the moment, is making me so excited to spend some time with my husband and my family, even if I am working most of it!

Praying for: those who aren't looking forward to Christmas, those children who won't be with their families/getting presents, those elderly who long for their family to visit them. Christmas can be a magical time for some, but the worst time of the year for others, and sometimes I forget this. 

Enjoy the rest of your week!

Jessica xo

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